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The best stories start with “Once upon a time”

Grandma Luisa and grandpa Natale had great foresight when they decided to open a beachfront guesthouse. …and so did my mother Gabriella, when she stopped German tourists in their cars to advise them to stay there! That foresight is now our present, in a family story that, since 1957, has become our (and your) journey through hospitality.

the restaurant

The flavour of a different holiday every day

Quick lunch, dinner, snacks… you can choose based on your daily plans. We are always ready to tempt your taste buds… strictly with a sea view!

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the spaces

Look at the spectacular sight out there...

…it’s no coincidence that we compare our outdoor spaces to a theatre in which you are the protagonist: garden with direct access to the private beach; large heated swimming pool; terrace and sun terrace; play area. Absolutely nothing is missing.

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family hotel

A peaceful holiday? Children happy all the time!

We love to define ourselves “a holiday home”, for families who want to take a break. Our secret is the numerous services available and spaces that are easy to use and safe for children and youngsters.

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active hotel

Experience an unexpected Liguria: active and outdoor

All the movement you want just a stone’s throw from the sea and at your fingertips. Yes, Liguria has a territory that lends itself perfectly to active holidays (we’re playing a winning hand!) so why not take advantage of it?

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webcam live

you can dive from here!

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Services? It's best to call them pampering

Free private parking
26°C heated swimming pool
Private beach
Panoramic terrace
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what about getting to know each other better?

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